Iris SS2018

Iris Setlakwe Fall Preview

May 30 & 31

Montreal-based Iris Setlakwe was created with a goal to create comfortable and elegant clothing made from superior-quality materials. The brand also aims to support their community by sourcing 90 percent of their materials within Montreal.

Sisley Event

May 2-4

Sisley, a family-owned leader in skincare, will be hosting an event from May 2-4 at B.Barnett. In 1976, the brand utilized revolutionary technology called phytocosmetology (using plant-based extracts in products) to create luxury cosmetics and skincare.

MKors SS2018

Michael Kors Fall Preview

April 30 & May 1

Michael Kors, a high-end brand known for their timeless fashion & glamour, will be previewing their entire fall collection at B.Barnett. This fashion icon will have exclusive pieces that will not be in our store all season. Get your fall wardrobe ready with a brand that has won several awards within the fashion industry. 

AGörtz SS2018

Annette Gortz Fall Preview

May 22 & 23

Annette Gortz will be at B.Barnett to preview their entire fall 2018 collection with items fresh-off-the-runway. The brand, which focuses on sophistication and comfort, will have items for pre-order that are exclusive to this event. Start planning & prepping your fall wardrobe with B.Barnett. 

Brunello Cucinelli Fall Preview

May 15 & 16

Brunello Cucinelli, the brand that invented colored cashmere (thank you), will be showcasing their fall 2018 line at B.Barnett. The brand is known for their promotion of morality and economic dignity.