Your Perfect Summer Fragrance Wardrobe

Your Perfect Summer Fragrance Wardrobe

Just as you have a wardrobe for Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer it is appropriate to have fragrance wardrobes that change seasonally.

Tom Ford - Violet BlondeSpring/Summer fragrances are generally citrus’y, fruity, oceanic “woodsy” and light floral. In general, heavy floral, patchouli, vanilla and other sweet or “syrupy” fragrances do not hold up well in the summer heat and can often become “headache-inducing” for you and others nearby.

When shopping for your spring/summer fragrance wardrobe, spray onto blotter cards and walk away – let the fragrance reach its full potential (allowing all of the notes to come out) and then come back to it and smell.

It is also a good idea to ‘clear your palette’ between fragrances to get the best first impression of a fragrance. This can be achieved by simply smelling a small bowl of coffee beans (which can be found at most fragrance retailers.)

Remember, everyone’s body chemistry is different; therefore, different fragrances will take on particular aromas and vary from person to person. When testing a fragrance on yourself, spray onto your wrist and pat dry or air-dry, never “rub” as this interferes with the different notes in the perfume oil and does not allow you to experience the fragrance fully.