Five Places You Never Thought to Highlight Your Face

Center of the Forehead – Highlighting the center of your forehead prevents your face from looking too flat and brightens up the entire face. Application should be very sheer – a fan brush with shimmering powder achieves this look.

Above the eyebrow arch – Highlight above the highest point of the arch to give yourself a mini brow-lift. Use a cream formula to achieve this look.

Center of the eyelid
 – a small dot of highlighter right in the center of your eyelid opens up the eyes. A light colored eyeshadow containing a hint of shimmer will help to achieve this look.

Below the eyelid
 – Instead of just placing concealer below your eye, take it down farther into an ‘upside down triangle’ so that it achieves more of an uplifting effect. A liquid concealer contained in a tube works best to achieve this look

Center of the ‘cupid’s bow’
 – Add just the tiniest amount of the highlighter to the top of the bow to give the illusion of fuller lips. A highlighting stick works best.