Mizuki explores the essence of pearls, their individuality, and spirit. Paired with gold and diamonds, these key elements create the perfect combination for cool style and on-point fashion.

Mizuki’s inspiration lies in the uniqueness and diversity of her signature materials. The pearl, the diamond, and the complexities of both are the essence of each hand-crafted style. A selection of distinctive pieces designed without barriers is meant to feel as special, empowering, and unique as the woman who wears it.

“For me,” Mizuki Goltz says, “Pearls are as close as it can be to what it means to be a woman. It’s about seeing what’s in front of you and embracing its raw, original beauty. The pearl is the most precious organic gem.

“I am constantly refining and evolving so that the jewelry becomes a part of a woman’s individuality and an expression of who she is. I strive to let the pieces move, flow, and breathe with the body.”