Reduce Puffiness. Increase Hydration & Moisture. Experience Smooth.

With our Sisley-Paris Event going on now, January 22 – 24th, I have been diving into a line of skincare and makeup that instantly transforms my “Over 40” skin. Wow… On many levels.

If you are someone who wants to have the purest ingredients with maximum results, Sisley is a staple to have on your vanity and in your travel kit.

My regimen for my normal to combination skin…
My darling friend, Antonio Figeroa, suggested that I get started with the Cleansing Milk with Sage ($110), Gentle Exfoliating Mask ($95), and Black Rose Cream Mask ($162).

Once I left the shop that day, I ran home and began using the products immediately although I was tired from the day’s work. Clearly excited about what he’d just introduced to me… I began…

Step 1: Cleanse
Product: Cleansing Milk with Sage.
Results: My skin was left soft and clean.

Step 2: Exfoliate
Product: Gentle Facial Buffing Cream.
I applied a thin layer then left on for the prescribed couple of minutes. 
Result: I was stunned at how plump and soft my unveiled skin was left. Love it.

Step 3: Moisturize
Product: Black Rose Mask
I fell in love with the smell of the fragrant rose once again while noticing that there was an immediate response in my skin.

Result: My skin was left plump and hydrated.

The outcome of my new regimen? Smoother. Younger. Signs of aging minimized while less fatigued.

In fact, I was actually more radiant. I now feel in sync. I am balanced now because of Sisley-Paris. How delightful!


P. S. Our Sisley-Paris event is filling up rapidly, there are a few spots left and we’d love to have you join us.

Call us at the store to make your appointment right away. 501.223.2514