Revitalize Your Spring Wardrobe

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We’re guilty of it, too. We know what it’s like when a new season comes along, and you start to consider all the things in your closet you should replace. We have the solution: tailoring. By bringing new life to your wardrobe, you’ll be able to wear that dress with the loose straps or that gaping blouse. It’s these minor refinements of clothing that can help you feel and look your best.

Our top closet motto is to invest in staples and have them tailored to fit. Staples ranging from important occasion items to everyday ones like denim are worth tailoring. There are tricks to a great fit that only a good tailor knows, and B. Barnett is proud to staff top-talent to help our clients. In addition to offering tailoring for all items purchased at B. Barnett, we invite any outside articles of clothing. We’re lovers of a classic piece; let us help you revitalize yours.