Stylist Lori Snyder’s Lesson on Layering & Accessorizing

After 20 years in the fashion industry, Lori Snyder brings a wealth of expertise to the stylist team at B. Barnett. With this in mind, we executed a quick Q&A to gain her best advice on accessorizing.

Margo Morrison

With years of styling experience, what is your methodology for accessorizing?

My methodology for dressing is to stay true to yourself. Don’t try to imitate others, like Coco Chanel or Audrey Hepburn. Find something that is uniquely you and celebrate it! If you are a pearl girl, find a way to wear them that uniquely has “you” written all over them. Don’t try and conform to what others do (what’s on trend) or you will blend in versus standing out.

earrings-Joy Dravecky, center necklace-3 Bishops, outer necklace-Margo Morrison

When it comes to jewelry, what are the rules for layering and how do you determine when less is more with a particular look?

Like most things in art or interior design, the same holds true with jewelry: odd numbers work best. Whether you go with one necklace, three necklaces or five, just keep it an odd number. To determine your best look, it goes back to the first question — determine who you are, or even who you feel like on a particular day. Are you a classic? Are you Boho? Maybe an artist? Take your lead from there.

The Row

What are your style staples for accessorizing?

My style staples are always high-quality pieces that will stand the test of time. Some examples include: a good neutral timeless bag, a great pair of pumps, classic wayfarers, and a great cashmere sweater or coat. These pieces are timeless, and they can make all the difference in how you carry yourself and present your identity to others. When you are dressed well, that’s a form of communication with others and establishes how you want to be perceived. In my opinion, these suggested items are worth the splurge and will give you the most “bang for your buck.”

About Lori: She prides herself on creating a bespoke experience for her clients. From special event styling to personal/wardrobe styling, Lori is sure to be a source of advice to elevate your style in a way to help convey who you are without having to speak.