Tips From Antonio

You may have read the name Antonio Figueroa if you’ve recently opened any local publication in Little Rock. His expertise in the makeup industry has made him the go-to for many women seeking to put their best face forward. Read our full Q&A with Antonio to find out more about his career, his favorite products, and his best advice for everyday application.

How long have you been in the industry and what are some of the cosmetic/skincare brands you’ve represented?

I have 30+ years in the industry. I have worked for numerous companies including Sisley, Chanel, and Estee Lauder Corporation. Aside from representing brands I’ve worked on many movies, television shows, and magazines.

What are you go-to skincare products?

A good moisturizer. Sisley’s Sisleya is my favorite. Its perfect for day and night. Sisley’s hydra-global is another of my favorites. It’s great for travel when your skin is dehydrated. You can press it right into your skin and it instantly hydrates it

What are you go-to cosmetic products?

A great concealer. Sisley Phyto Cernes ‘eclat concealer is my favorite. It has caffeine in it which helps decrease puffiness underneath the eyes. It is very lightweight but has full coverage. It’s great for evening out your skin when you don’t want to wear foundation. After great concealer I’d say a great mascara. Sisley’s So Intense is my favorite mascara. It helps the lashes grow, it has a built in conditioner, and the applicator is amazing.

In the realm of makeup trends and video tutorials, what is your best advice for everyday application?

I think all women are beautiful. As a makeup artist it is my job to just enhance that beauty. Less is always more.