NEW IN BEAUTY: Hair Rituel by Sisley-Paris

NEW IN BEAUTY: Hair Rituel by Sisley-Paris
You might be surprised to know that stress, fatigue, pollution and aging can affect your scalp and strands just as much as your skin. The good news is we have a solution.

"Hair Rituel by Sisley is arguably the best thing to happen to hair since the invention of dry shampoo," says Marie Claire beauty writer, Tatjana Freund. And we just might have to agree.

But we aren't the only ones impressed by the new line... Keep reading for more reasons to give Hair Rituel a try.
We have loved Sisley's skin care products and makeup for years, so when the luxury brand developed a line for hair, we had a feeling it would be packed with the same highly effective ingredients, including plant extracts, essential oils, minerals, vitamins and proteins.

“The hair follicle ages just as skin ages,” said Christine D’Ornano (who acquired Sisley Paris in 1976) in an interview with Vogue, noting that many of the same ingredients in her facial tinctures—fortifying peptides, restorative ceramides, and nourishing oils—can be found in Sisley’s Hair Rituel collection. The sulfate-free line is meant to function as a complete system and works to restore hair at the roots for soft, strong, shiny hair.

While all of the Hair Rituel products meet the gold-standard set by Sisley decades ago, the Restructuring Nourishing Balm is a fan favorite. Rumors among the beauty community are that the Nourishing Balm can take the place of a salon treatment, "that it's the next Olaplex," according to W Magazine. Here are what the W editors (whose hair types range from thin and straight to thick and wavy) had to say when they gave it a try:

"The result was night and day: once my hair was dry, it was tamed in a way it never has been in my life. It was soft and shiny, putting forth the illusion that I’d gotten a soft blowout at the salon. I skipped using the Hair Rituel for one week and saw a serious difference in smoothness and frizz. I loved the silken sheen it gave my hair, and will absolutely use it weekly going forward." - Maxine Wally, Senior Digital Editor

"It smells heavenly and was easy to apply without feeling gross or heavy. (I have done the trendy castor oil/coconut oil applications and those are definitely not for me—too heavy and too much residue.) I left the Sisley balm on my hair overnight, and washed it out in the morning following with my regular shampoo and conditioner; it washed out easily and without any residue... It’s worth every penny. This is just as good as any in-salon deep conditioning treatment, and price-wise, with the amount of applications it more than matches up. I blew out my hair and could feel my hair softer than usual, which to me meant healthier. This feeling lasted until my next wash and my hair felt much more manageable. My hair responded very well to this." - Maryam Lieberman, Contributing Beauty Editor

"I was pleasantly surprised by this nourishing balm. I was hesitant to use it at first, as I thought it was going to make my hair oily—as many balms do. This did the opposite. The balm itself is a velvety texture that feels gelatinous once I rubbed it into my palms. I applied it to the strands of my hair and was especially generous on the tips. I tried keeping it in for 30 minutes then washing out, and I also tried leaving it on overnight. I got the same result both ways. A little goes a long way, which is also a positive... I really love this balm. I would definitely continue to use it. It gives my hair the healthy look and feel that the periodic bleaching takes away from it. It also feels like I’m treating myself to a bit of pampering which I also like." - Jenna Wojciechowski, Senior Fashion Editor

And here's what Erin Jahns, Senior Beauty Editor for Who What Wear, had to say about the magical product:

"You really have to try this nourishing hair balm to believe its enchantment, but I'm fairly convinced it's witchcraft. In fact, it transformed my dry, dull, snap-prone strands after just one use. Expensive? Yes, but the unparalleled results are worth every penny. Essentially, it's a pre-shampoo treatment you'll apply to dry strands. (Thirty minutes is fine, but the longer you let it marinate, the better!) Then, the velvety botanical oils will go to work nourishing, restoring, and rebuilding dilapidated hair fibers. Rinse and then shampoo and condition as you would normally."

It's no secret that Jennifer Aniston is known for her great hair... In an interview with Vogue, hairstylist to the stars Chris McMillan revealed that he uses Sisley's Volumizing Spray on Aniston's hair to achieve her always-on-point hair. The best part about this spray, besides that fact that it gives thin hair major volume, is that it has a light texture that doesn't leave hair feeling sticky, hard to comb through, or weighed down, and its humidity-resistant formula keeps frizz away, too. Oh, and it smells amazing. McMillan only uses a small amount of the spray at the crown of Aniston's hair. A little goes a long way, so you know that 5-ounce bottle will last you a while.

Ready to try Hair Rituel for yourself? Now you can...

Contact Augusta with any questions + shop Hair Rituel by Sisley at B.Barnett today:

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