SISLEY FACIAL: An in depth review from a Sisley first-timer!

SISLEY FACIAL: An in depth review from a Sisley first-timer!

From a simple Thursday at work, to absolute skincare paradise - I have fallen head over heels with Sisley Paris. I had the absolute pleasure of experiencing my first Sisley facial at our Third Thursday - Monthly Sisley Facial Event. I am a mother of two little ones and have felt for a while that I just cannot quite figure out my skin and the changes motherhood has brought to it. So when Augusta offered me a chance to try out a Sisley Facial - I absolutely jumped on it! 
I cannot speak more highly of these products. I am someone always looking to clean up my skincare routine and focus on more natural products but have hesitated for fear of sacrificing product effectiveness. Sisley is not only clean, but the products I am now using work better than just about anything I have tried.
The facial itself was absolutely delightful. Probably the most relaxing hour I have had in a long time! Each product chosen for the facial was targeted to my unique skincare concerns. We focused on uneven skin tone, unwanted texture, and hydration. I left the facial glowing and armed with the right products to maintain that glow and enhance my skincare routine. 
Here are the products I went home with, and now can't live without:
What Sisley has to say:
A decadent skin care balm with 3 nourishing and softening oils (Babassu, Shea and Macadamia) that combines a double make-up removal and cleansing effectiveness and an intense comfort.
Why I can't live without it:
I have struggled to find a makeup remover than doesn't leave my skin feeling shiny, oily, or as if I need to wash my face all over again. This cleansing balm has absolutely revolutionized makeup removal. Winner of the Glamour 2021 Beauty Award for Make Up Remover - this cleanser is absolute magic. 
When you warm the product between your fingers and begin to apply the balm, it begins to transform into a smooth, nourishing oil. The oil works to lift not only your makeup, but the impurities and free radicals you have come into contact with throughout the day. By adding water to rinse, the oil transforms into "a milky emulsion", allowing you to easily rinse, leaving a cleansed, soft finish face. No greasiness or oil! Truly cannot rave more about this product. A staple in my cleansing routine!
What Sisley has to say:
Rich in exfoliating Bamboo micro-particles of natural origin, the Gentle Facial Buffing Cream sweeps away dead skin cells and impurities. It gently refines the skin texture thanks to the soothing properties of German Chamomile extract. The exfoliant increases the skin's receptiveness to other skin care products in the routine. Regular use gives the skin a youthful and smooth appearance. 
Why I can't live without it:
I recently added Retinol to my skincare routine, and therefore, my skin has been peeling a good bit. I was very hesitant to introduce an exfoliant with the Retinol because I have very sensitive skin, but I also could not stand the amount of dead skin on my face. In walks Sisley Gentle Facial Buffing Cream. 
This exfoliate is gentle but strong. Because the exfoliate in this cream is bamboo microparticles, I have been able to introduce this into my skincare routine twice a week (alternate days from when I am using Retinol) with no chemical reaction or break out. The texture on my skin (especially my nose and chin) is noticeably smoother and unwanted peeling is no longer a problem. I definitely understand why this is a Sisley "cult-classic".

What Sisley has to say:
The Floral Toning Lotion is used to remove traces of make-up and cleanse the skin. Formulated with hydrolats of Rose, Cornflower, and Witch Hazel, known for their soothing and softening properties, this lotion is appropriate for dry, sensitive skin. It tones, soothes and prepares the skin for your daily skin care regimen.
Used daily, this lotion tones the complexion refreshing and soothing the skin, preparing it to receive the benefits of your skin care products.
Why I can't live without it:

Another Sisley "cult-classic" I cannot live without. To me, toner is one of the most underrated skincare products we all need to add to our routine. Not only is this toner so hydrating, but it smells amazing.

I have happily worked this toner into my AM and PM skincare routine. After cleansing, the toner acts as a gentle second cleanser, removing anything left behind and providing a hydrated and glowing base for your makeup routine or nightly serums. 

What Sisley has to say:
The Eye Contour Mask is an express smoothing mask used to reduce under-eye puffiness. This mask is specifically formulated for the fragile skin of the eye contour. It works within 10 minutes to hydrate and reduce signs of fatigue. Fine lines around the eye are visibly smoothed, puffiness and dark circles appear reduced, and the eye contour area overall looks enhanced.
Why I can't live without it:
I didn't know that motherhood would lead to a wild investment in under-eye creams, and here we are! I have tried anything and everything to reduce the tired look of my eyes, and every product has fallen short. As mentioned, I have sensitive skin, and the thin, delicate under eye area has been a code I couldn't crack until now. The eye contour mask gives me that "12 Hours Well-Rested" look on four hours of sleep - within 10 minutes of applying the mask, all puffiness subsides. It also is so hydrating, creating the perfect base for under-eye make up and prevents concealers from creasing. This might just be my desert island skin product! 
While this may have been my first Sisley facial, it will not be my last! It is safe to say I am a Sisley loyalist - and I cannot wait to explore even more of their products. 
AB Dickinson from B. Barnett
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[Written By: AB Dickinson - Marketing Director for B. Barnett; Sources: Sisley Paris]
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